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Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
italian government. he struck a deal with the italian far right party. there are elections in february. a condition of the agreement is that silvio berlusconi will that another party take the leadership if they win. an army says it sees a car packed with explosives and weapons near a church. many coptics i left feeling nervous about their place in the country. a private visit to north korea. an ex-diplomat a ride in korea just weeks - or live in north korean just weeks after a long- range rocket was launched into space. the five men charged with the gang rape of a young woman on a city bus appeared in court. the judge had to throw everyone out. two of the defendants agreed to testify against the other suspects to avoid the death penalty. this report on a case that has brought international attention. >> it is a crime that has shaken india. today, the fiat cues coming to court for the first time in -- the five accused coming to court for the first time. police were in force with ander simmering -- anger simmering over the woman whose death had been a few days ago. people are trying to ride
Jan 8, 2013 4:00pm PST
another election with a high turnout and they're all the things that have gone right. we know what has gone wrong. whether it is very few minds or it is girls in schools. i was there when the taliban were in power. the good news gets excused -- of scared. >> thanks for coming in. afghanistan the focus of attention. i will be discussed at both meetings at the white house. a quick look at other news from around the world. president chavez will not be attending this thursday's story in of his third term. he will miss the ceremony because of ill health. he has been receiving medical care for cancer in cuba and he has not been heard of -- from since his fourth round of surgery which was on december 11. condoleezza rebels have declared a unilateral cease-fire in hopes of an end to nine months of revolt. the rebels had agreed to pull out of the east city in december. they announced a cease-fire ahead of a second round of negotiations with president kabila's government. the indian army said a patrol had come under fire. pakistan has denied the accusations. it accused indian troops of killi
Jan 11, 2013 2:30pm PST
election next year? >> a very important, because that is an important milestone and that will shape that. i think president karzai is committed to that, and the military approach has to be that happens. >> ambassador, thank you very much. >> nice to be with you. >>> french troops are fighting in mali tonight. they have been sent there by the french president to help government forces take on islamic rebels linked to al qaeda. french president warned that if malia falls, it would pose a threat to africa and europe. andrew harding has more details. >> the art islamist rebels that have prompted france to wade into another african war. the rebels emerged from the sahara to seize the northern half of mali. then they began a new surprise offensive and paris sent in troops. >> mali has been confronted by terrorist elements from the north. the brutality of whom it entire world is aware of. that >> the french have intervened to years ago to end the civil war on the neighboring ivory coast, another former colony, but molly will be a tougher challenge. the fighters are holding french citizens
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm PST
demand for fresh elections and called off a rival demonstration of their own. for now, there is no power vacuum. despite his absence. >> for more on his health, i am joined by the one who formerly served as the director of the central bank. he is so reviled here in washington and you see those people turning out for an inauguration where he is not present and this is not in north korea situation where there are forced in, they really love him. >> his talent is the ability to connect with the people and that he is taking care of their interests. and without him, they would be bereft of any protection. >> what kind of country are we going to find? >> a deeply divided country. it is divided, as you saw, from those that don't like him and those that adore him. that is not a social divide. in which the middle class doesn't like him and the poor does. 45% voted against him. the country doesn't have a middle class. in order to get 45% of the vote, that means the millions of poor people voted against him, but people also voted for him. they have a very strong an almost spiritual connection
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)